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Coronavirus update ( LIVE )

Coronavirus update LIVE

Coronavirus cases




Coronavirus is currently a major panic. It is spreading that way that’s really scary. so that the epidemic is announced


the world health an organization. The virus is infected in more than 199 countries. Most of the affected countries closed their normal

activities land closed down. The government is giving various suggestions to keep everyone safe. The simplest way to prevent this terrible virus is to stay clean. we must obey such government rules to get rid of this coronavirus. First of all to keep our hand clean.

novel coronavirus
novel coronavirus

we have to used hand wash or soap to cline our hands. The hand can not be placed on the mouth or nose without cleaning the hand.

The virus invades the lungs directly to our bodies. According to many specialists the various can spread through the air.

coronoa virus
coronavirus update news

Let’s know how does this virus spread

Infection with this virus from the seafood market of the hub of China. According to experts this virus been an infection from wildlife. Probably this virus initiation from the bats or rats. The first time is one person is infected by this virus. The fourteen hundred people are infected by this person just only six hours.

According to many experts, it has been from eating bats meat.

What is the novel coronavirus?

Novel coronavirus refers to many viruses. It spreads the virus very quickly. It spreads with human contact.

Hachi spreads through a cough. It takes time to understand the nature of such viruses.

novel corona virus
Novel corona virus update

The symptoms of this coronavirus:

There is a very difficult thing to understanding the symptoms of this virus.  Signs of this virus cool a fever cough. However, experts say it takes 10 to 15 days for these symptoms to appear in the patient’s body.

Initial fever and mild cough. Subsequent severe headaches are respiratory vomiting and a thin closet with it the body can feel pain. The patient’s heartbeat is reduced. The virus quickly transmits into the elderly. Originally the 6th bribe of the coronavirus has been identified. They are 229E, NL63, Oc43, Hku1 and the most dangerous is MERS-cov, SARS-CoV. According to the world health organization, we have to maintain six fit distance to another person. We can not shake hands with the affected person.


There is no vaccine created by avoiding this virus infection so caution is the only tool. You need to rest properly and use a mask when you are out of the room.


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