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Human robot interaction

Human robot interaction

A robot is capable of performing multiple tasks accurately. It has made it’s easy for people to perform tasks they need and short time. For example, robot are used to work in large industrial factory’s. Some kind of robot’s are operated by humans & some kind of robot’s are operated in atomatically.

Sophia is a human-robot. Which looks like a human. It is designed to speak in people. It is made a Hong Kong-based company. The company name is Hanson Robotics and the manufacturer MR. Devid Hanson. This robot is designed to be able to people and they can dominate. According to Sophia’s opinion, she was activated on April 19, 2015. Sophia’s robot’s specialty is that she used to speak gestures as a human. This robot with artificial intelligence is more sophisticated than any other robot. This is why this robot has gained so much popularity.


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