6 important secret tricks of Gmail! Which everyone should know

6 Important Secret Tricks of Gmail! Which Everyone should know

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Sending emails and security said everything should be under their control.6 important secret tricks of Gmail . Among the email services, Google’s Gmail service has made it extremely easy to use and user friendly, making it unparalleled and also gives us a lot of opportunities in the case of cigarettes, so there is a lot of security that many of us in Google don’t know how to use our email skills. We need to know some advanced levels but know that Gmail has many secret features that can be used to easily inbox, send emails and other tasks more efficiently and to control yourself. Let us know the details about this.


Undo Send:

undo sent

Sometimes when we go to work too fast we make a mistake in the mail. Undo Send is an option that can control the sending of our mail. In that case Gmail gives us the 5 second Undo option. However, 5 seconds is not enough for many. No worries, we can increase the time to 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds at our convenience by going to the settings option of Gmail. However, keep in mind that in this case it will take more time to send the email. We will adjust the time from our settings as needed

Unnecessary email block feature :

Unnecessary email block feature

There are some annoying emails. We don’t want them to come to our inbox and stay in the inbox. But despite our reluctance, there are some companies or promoters who keep sending these unsolicited mails again and again. We don’t want to see emails that we don’t need, or emails from anyone in particular. In that case we can block those emails. The next time you receive an email from there, it will go straight to the spam box. And it will never be seen in our inbox again.

To increase the privacy of email

Most of the time it is seen that you have to sign up to take various services of the website and since then these promotional mails keep coming. Then by adding a plus sign (+) to the email address, we can create alternate addresses for different services. This will send all the messages in the new mail box directly to our email address.


Confidential mode to protect email privacy

Confidential mode to protect email privacy

Usually when sending an email using Gmail, there is no way to protect privacy other than the encryption option of the computer or smartphone. After sending mail to someone, we can use this option in secret. Before clicking on send option, you can turn on ‘Confidential’ mode by clicking on the lock icon. This means setting the expiration date of the sent email and the recipient will not have the option to print, copy or forward the email and no one will be able to show and print any text inside the email by showing the Email Confidential Mode option. And this imaging will be deleted automatically after a certain time.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts

We need to know the keyboard shortcuts to work fast on the computer. If we know these, we can do the work much faster than others. We can finish the work with the command from the keyboard without looking at the mouse. Will. Click Ctrl + Shift + D to delete the old draft. Also, if you press Ctrl and Shift and press C, the list of CC recipients and if you click B, the list of BCC recipients will come in front of us easily. Also more options we will get in the full list of keyboard shortcuts from settings

Vacation responder:Vacation responder



Type You are on vacation now but your company’s Mayarma office boss keeps sending you emails. If the girl checks Atina then something important may be missed and if she does not know that you are on vacation then there may be a problem Turn this option on while you’re on vacation.



If we want to save some important ones in one of our emails but downloading or saving them is a tedious matter due to time constraints so Gmail forwarding of twenty plays an important role if we want to know how to automatically sort any important person’s mail. If we want to send emails from our forwarding option, then we want to send the emails to the girls who have written the economy and the security application has to be pasted here. Since then all the important girls we need are forwarded as alternative mail.

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