Latest development in computer technology

Latest development in computer technology

Latest Technology

Latest development in computer technology that is ahead in presence is Solid State Disks (SSDs), this kind of storing is one heck of a ration inexpensive now than it was a pair of years ago. What was the area of business and research formations for extremely fast storing is now obtainable to the over-all community, for instance


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Couple SSD technology with fast DRAM reminiscence in your processer for a huge presentation improvement.

As before stated, large corporates, for example banks, have to process colossal quantities of data instant , interpretation and writing from files, in between the dispensation host and the data sits huge amounts of reminiscence cache and best fast storing, characteristically huge arrays of SSDs and very fast electromechanical CDs. This asset could cost a single organization lots of pounds a year, now that technology is obtainable for your PC and Mac for relative trifles !

Who needs to now about ‘old’ ‘recent’ technology? What about future skill This new discovery will begin to be a practical at some level…


The Programmable Heuristics may have numerous skill applications:

  • Guessing queries.
  • Objective information.
  • Over-all problem-solving.
  • Mental predictions.
  • Formulation for originality.
  • Formula for the souls of works.
  • Subordinate heuristic mixtures.


The arena of calculation is very broad. They variety from the very urbane quantum computers, to the very humble (abacus). The humanoid brain can theoretically be confidential as a computer as well. But I’m guessing that the answer you’re looking for is not so logical. I’ll break the response down into 2 distinct fields of calculation.

Raw Computer science Power:

Now, the most influential processer in the world is the Sunway Taihu Light situated in Jiangsu, China see image below. It has a standard score of 93 petaflops, or 93,000,000,000,000,000 fluctuating point actions per additional. That is 93 followed by fifteen zeroes of mathematics controls every additional!


Quantum Computer science:

Next, we have important processers, the most urbane type of processers currently in growth. The technology is still in it’s beginning stage but has the possible to alteration the biosphere of computing as we know it. Envisage a machine that can promptly crack any digital security system in the biosphere. Current supercomputer security schemes are based on cryptanalytic keys and might take the Sunway Taihu Light hundreds of years to decode. But don’t panic, we still don’t know what the real competences of important processors are since we don’t fully understand quantum physics yet. It will be years, maybe decades before quantum computers will be able to contend with the present processers in terms of calculation power. The most progressive quantum computer nowadays is existence industrialized by IBM.

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